Metal Fabrication Industry

Manufacturers in the metal fabrication industry face many challenges. Fabricators must maintain flexibility to change capacity requirements while operating effective continuous replenishment systems. They must determine a productive way to collaborate with customers on designs and manage resources globally to fulfill design elements. In order to align their production plans with customer's demand, metal fabricators must integrate seamlessly into the customer's own processes. As a result, integrated systems are essential, bringing design, product lifecycle management and service together in ways that predict, act and rapidly change in accordance with the customer's needs. Infor VISUAL for the metal fabrication industry integrates data and processes to give you better visibility into your customer needs, production operations and extended supply chain. They enable you to respond rapidly to changing customer product mixes and shorter lead times. Moreover, this ERP software solution saves you time and money in the sourcing process, enabling you to purchase raw materials when you need them at the best price possible, then help you utilize factory equipment and inventory as efficiently as possible. Infor VISUAL also gives you the flexibility to move aggressively into lean manufacturing, with complete coverage for both core and outsourced operations.

Faster, more accurate flow of information helps your design and engineering teams develop new and innovative products. Built-in industry functionality supports a wide range of fabrication and machining processes right out of the box. You can also carry only the raw materials and work-in-process you need, with cost savings that pass directly to your bottom line. Automated lot control assigns and tracks orders with specific materials, including lot-based expiration dates to help you avoid unusable or obsolete inventory. Infor's deep knowledge of metal fabrication helps you deliver design and engineering services that support higher-margin products. Multi-dimensional inventory management, including both standard units (sheets, coils, ingots, etc.) and dimensions (square feet, length by width, weight, etc.), maximizes the use of available materials. Automated financial monitoring of preparation, machining, fabricating and finishing processes, including the availability and disposal of raw materials, production chemicals and tailings, enables better quality through more efficient use of materials. In addition, we simplify the documentation required for regulatory compliance.

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To ensure your customers receive the highest quality products, your company must expertly manage orders from quoting through production and shipping. As a fabricated metal manufacturer, you need to accurately track materials and inventory, communicate effectively with suppliers, schedule for increased profitability, and deliver products on-time to customer specifications. Your operations demand precision and attention to detail. Using Infor VISUAL software, you can maintain this precision and improve your front office, back office, manufacturing, and information management needs. Imagine reducing your quoting time from days to hours and easily creating detailed engineering masters and work orders from those quotes. With Infor VISUAL, you can eliminate redundant data entry and paper trails because your customer information resides within a single accessible system. This solution allows you to know what is happening on the shop floor at all times. You can manage production and understand resource utilization and efficiency. Management can create detailed reports from within the system and make more informed operating decisions. The patented concurrent scheduling features allow you to increase profitability, and enable you to expertly track and manage parts and spend more time forecasting your profitable future and less time troubleshooting bottlenecks.

ERP Software Solution for the Metal Fabrication Industry

Infor VISUAL can help companies within the fabricated metal industry significantly improve their production and profitability with features such as:



VISUAL Success Infor VISUAL customers are streamlining business processes, increasing efficiencies, and improving profitability.

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Infor VISUAL's 20th Anniversary Infor executives review the history (and future) of Infor VISUAL, which was built from the ground-up to be a visually-oriented product, currently has over 2,400 manufacturing and distribution customers that span the globe, and plans for ongoing investment with a focus on micro-verticals and high quality user experience.

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Infor VISUAL Order-driven manufacturing is complex enough—you don't want to guess every time you quote a price on a job or estimate a delivery date. You need to see, at a glance, the impact of every order, constraint, and bottleneck in your organization, so that you can manufacture at a level of speed and efficiency that makes the best use of the resources that you have.

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