Infor offers a full range of enterprise business software including customer relationship management, enterprise asset management, enterprise resource planning, financial management, human capital management, performance management, product lifecycle management, supplier relationship management, and supply chain management, as well as business specific inventory management, transportation logistics and warehouse management solutions. To meet customers' long-term needs, Infor Open SOA provides an evolutionary path to support continuing business and technology innovation.

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Analyst Report Improve Warehouse and Distribution Center Performance - Aberdeen Warehouse Productivity Report
Brochure Ensure your distribution business stays on the right path to profitability
What is your contingency plan to handle unpredictable or escalating IT costs?
Demonstrations About Infor: Beautiful business software for your business processes
Event Infor on the Road 2013 – Copenhagen, Denmark
Infor on the Road 2013 – Zeist, The Netherlands
Infor on the Road 2014 – South Asia
Infor on the Road EMEA
Microsite Customer in Action Forums
EMEA Partner Conference 2014
Infor Alliance Partners
Infor Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit Resource Center
Infor Food & Beverage Ingredients for Speed & Innovation
Infor Partner Network: Business Beyond Boundaries
Infor SunSystems
Solution Kit Infor Technology Special Offer - Multiple assets
Web Page A Source of Satisfaction:Technology Support for Global Sourcing
About Infor
In Pursuit of Operational Excellence: Accelerating business change through next generation ERP.
Infor CRM - Free 30 Day Trial
Infor EAM for hospitality
Infor EMEA Partner Conference - presentations
Infor Financials Home
Infor Insights
Infor Partner Network Program
Infor Sales & Operations Planning
Infor System i ERP Solutions
Infor Xtreme Support Plans
Join Infor at Defense Maintenance & Sustainment 2013
Party with a Purpose at Inforum
SEPA and Implementation of the IBAN
Sign up for the Infor CloudSuite™ newsletter
The Infor NetSuite Swap-Out Offer
Visit Infor at the Philadelphia CIO Executive Summit
White Paper Business Intelligence best practices
Infor Xtreme Support Plans
Public Sector Industry Day
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Analyst Report IDC MarketSpace reviews Infor Talent Management and measures vendors - IDC report
Integrated data mining—the core to customer analytics success
Brochure AppCare for Infor E and M Series
Brochure - Infor Epiphany Email Advisor
CRM solutions
Infor Epiphany
Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor
Infor Epiphany Marketing
Infor Epiphany Social Commerce solutions
Infor Marketing Management
Case Study Navy Federal Credit Union becomes trusted advisor with Infor
Demonstrations Infor CRM Enterprise (Epiphany) Inbound Marketing Demo
Infor Epiphany Demo
The power of Infor Marketing Management - Demo
Event Bridging channels strengthens customer relationships (1)
Research Report 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant - Free Garnter report 2014
Solution Kit Deliver more relevant offers to your customers
Drive customer retention and brand loyalty
Easily conduct multi-channel marketing campaigns
Get insight into the needs of your customers
Infor CRM Executive Brief
Maintain continuous customer dialogues (1)
Make the most of your customer data
Maximize every customer interaction
Strengthen customer retention and loyalty, and provide greater customer lifetime value.
Strengthen multi-channel customer relationships
Strengthen multi-channel customer relationships.
Tackle big data challenges efficiently
Take marketing to a new level with actionable social CRM
The power of Infor CRM - solution kit
Video CRM Chat Series (All)
CRM Chat Series (Part-1)
CRM Chat Series (Part-2)
CRM Chat Series (Part-3)
CRM Chat Series (Part-4)
Web Page Get your independence from Siebel. Move beyond service-to-sales
White Paper CRM and Social Media
Effective customer-facing activities - Infor CRM white paper
Fashionomics White Paper Series
How to tap into the full potential of every email interaction
Infor Marketing Resource Management
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
Analyst Report Aberdeen report: Aligning the Goals of CFO and Maintenance Managers
Aberdeen report: Best practices in asset management for process manufacturing
Facility management: Strategies to reduce operational costs
Infor EAM Customer Forum
Maximize Return on Assets and Emerging Trends - Free Aberdeen Report
Read the Gartner EAM for Manufacturing Magic Quadrant
Saving of the Green
Top 10 ways to improve sustainability - eBook
Brochure CMMS/EAM: Software branches out
Infor EAM Enterprise
Infor EAM Manufacturing Edition
Infor EAM OpenCAD
Infor EAM for Facilities
Infor ION Business Management V10.4
Case Study 5 Infor EAM Case Studies
Infor Case Study – Pepsico
Demonstrations Asset & Maintenance Management for your Fleet - Infor EAM Fleet Management Software demo
Datastream 7i is now Infor EAM. View the demo
Enterprise Asset Management - Infor MP2 online demo
Infor EAM Enterprise - Enterprise Asset Management software solution
Infor EAM rated #1 on the CMMS/EAM Review - view the Infor EAM demo
Oil and Gas Enterprise Asset Management Software
Solution Kit Infor EAM - Enterprise Asset Management software solutions
Video View Infor EAM Asset Sustainability in action at 2 facilities
Web Page Thank you for your interest in Infor Enterprise Asset Management solutions
Thank you for your interest in Infor Supply Chain Management
Transform from Infor MP2 to Infor EAM MP2 Edition – It’s Worth It!
Webinar/Webcast How AWE is integrating ESRI GIS with Infor EAM?
White Paper Enterprise Asset Management - EAM MRO Optimization White Paper
Enterprise Asset Management - Keys to Performance - EAM KPI White Paper
Global Asset Sustainability - Infor EAM Solutions for Green Asset Management
ISO 50001: The New Energy Management Standard
Improve Risk Management, Compliance and customer satisfaction in Asset Management with PAS -55
Key steps for leveraging limited resources and critical assets with advanced reliability management. (1)
Outlook for oil and gas supply and demand in a global energy context
RFID for Enterprise Asset Management - Infor EAM software solutions
Top 10 pitfalls to avoid when selecting a CMMS/EAM
White Paper: Monitoring How Your Assets Use Energy: See what you’ve been missing.
Enterprise Performance Management (PM)
Analyst Report Aberdeen Group on Analytics in financial services organizations
Aberdeen Report - Financial Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
How Finance Executives Achieve Best-in-Class Business Performance
Demonstrations Infor CPM (Corporate Performance Management)
Research Report Infor named a Challenger in Gartner Corporate Performance Management Magic Quadrant
Solution Kit Receive your eBook – Corporate Performance Management for Finance Executives
Webinar/Webcast 2010 Ventana Research - 2010 Financial Performance Management “Hot Vendors”
White Paper 6 Steps for Linking Corporate Strategy to the Budget - An Infor White Paper
Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence
Dealer Rentalnomics—2014 and beyond
Fitting your Business intelligence solution to your enterprise
Infor Performance Management - How to drive your financial performance - white paper
Overcoming Volatility
The BARC BI Survey
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Analyst Report A Review of Features and Functions for Equipment Dealerships, Service and Rental Providers
Aberdeen Executive Sales and Operations Planning Benchmark Report
Aberdeen report: The Value of Upgrading ERP
Aberdeen report: The Value of Upgrading ERP
Distributors: Leverage Technology and Leapfrog the Competition - IDC Analyst report
Ethical sourcing compliance - Report
Gartner Finds that Distributors are Mobility Market Leaders
How next-generation ERP systems will help tame complexity and drive operational excellence in the automotive industry
Infor ERP - Aberdeen ERP in SME
Infor ERP - Aberdeen Report Distribution
Infor Fashion: Fighting Markdowns with Better Software - 3rd party report
Manufacturing Growth and Expansion: Identifying new micro-markets to target - Analyst Report
Mass Customization: Ten things you need to know about managing MTO processes - Report
Position your business for growth - Infor LX
Position your business for growth - Infor System21
Position your business for growth - Infor XA
To ERP or Not to ERP in the Mid-Market: Simplifying an Important Decision
Brochure Accelerate your fashion business today
Bridging the Generational Gap
E-Book: Always-On Risk Management
Five Key Factors in Optimizing Complex Manufacturing Businesses
Five ways to scale your nutraceutical business
From Food Chain to Supply Chain: Meat & Poultry ERP Solutions
How cloud solutions can help manufacturers achieve multi-dimensional growth
How cloud solutions can help manufacturers achieve multi-dimensional growth
IDC Manufacturing Insights Executive Brief
Infor BI for SyteLine - Brochure
Infor Distribution SX.e Software - Why do 5,700+ distributors use Infor Solutions?
Infor Food & Beverage
Infor Food & Beverage for Beverage Manufacturers
Introducing PowerFlex10
Keep track of the moving pieces
Keep your Equipment Actively Rented
Manufacturing and the demanding customer
Selecting an assessment technology
Service-ology: How the convergence of service and technology is creating a new breed of consumer
Skill Gap Infographic
The Future of Automotive Manufacturing
The connected transaction
Weaving the Digital Thread: A&D industry turns to technology to create firm ties to customers
Case Study 5 reasons why 84 of the top 100 auto companies use Infor
Accelerate your fashion business today (1)
Accelerate your fashion business today (2)
Accelerate your fashion business today - APAC
CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense
Visit Infor at AAPEX, Booth #30015
Demonstrations ERP Software for Manufacturing - Infor SyteLine online demo
Infor Automotive Exchange (AutoConnect) – Keep Pace with Changing Demands
Infor Automotive for Flexible Manufacturing
Infor LN: Flexibility in Manufacturing
PT Restu speeds custom production, reduces costs with Infor LN
Event Interlog 2013 attendees
Microsite ERP Automotive
IBMi home
Infor CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense - Home
Infor ERP
Infor ERP Available on IBM PureSystems™
Infor ERP VISUAL Jobshop
Infor System i
Infor SyteLine
Next Generation ERP Systems
What is GST?
Research Report 2014 Dresner “Wisdom of Crowds Study”
Closing the loop on quality control in the aerospace and defense industry - Executive Brief
Connecting to customers through the digital thread - Inforgraphic
Executive Brief - Five Levels of Collaboration in Manufacturing
Gartner’s BI & Analytics Magic Quadrant Report
IDC examines the Future of Manufacturing and offers actionable advice - IDC report
Infographic explains how IT solutions help manufacturers maintain focus despite rapid change
Infor solutions meet MMAS standards with ease - Data sheet
The most comprehensive whitepaper on the issues driving growth in high-tech manufacturing - IDC white paper
The rental market is growing—are you? - Executive Brief
Solution Kit Infor - Document management resources you can’t afford to miss
Infor Distribution A+
Infor Distribution solutions for BMAT distributors
Infor Fashion for embellishment businesses - Solution Kit
Infor Food & Beverage for the Dairy Industry
Lean Manufacturing Guides
Made In the USA
Save Money, Improve Efficiency with Infor10 ERP Business
Shealy Electrical Doubles its Sales Without Adding Staff
Why the Tailored Suite for Fashion?
Video Accelerate Business Change
Automotive Tier Supplier ERP Solutions for Flexible Manufacturing
Automotive ‘Best of Webinar Series’
Choose Infor? Pride Industries Counts the Whys
Create team success with ERP solutions
Get Your Customers Hooked on Equipment Rental - Aggreko Video Case Study
Got Your Head in the Clouds?
Help your state employees help themselves
High Tech and Electronics ‘Best of Webinar Series’
Infor M3 - Experience the new Infor M3
Infor Supports Ferrari’s Need for Speed
Replay Equipment Evolution Broadcast
Replay Equipment Evolution Broadcast for CAT Dealers - Video
The Future of Automotive - A 20/20 View of 2020 Video
The Infor 10x Summit: Now On-Demand - EAM
The Infor 10x Summit: Now On-Demand - LN
The Infor 10x Summit: Now On-Demand - M3
The Infor 10x Summit: Now On-Demand - SunSystems
Web Page Along for the Ride: The ups and downs of customer customer-centric manufacturing
Automotive ERP Software for Flexible Manufacturing – an Automotive Software Demo
Automotive Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Flexible Manufacturing – an Automotive Software Demo
Automotive Supplier Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions for Flexible Manufacturing
Infor Danmark A/S
Infor VISUAL: Special Offers
Ingredients for Speed & Innovation White Paper Series (1)
Ingredients for Speed & Innovation White Paper Series (2)
Ingredients for Speed & Innovation White Paper Series (2)
Ingredients for Speed & Innovation White Paper Series (3)
Join Infor’s Equipment Networking Group Page on Linkedin
Manufacturing’s trifecta: Optimism, growth, and investment
Optimise how you are using your System i product
Switch and save 20% or more
Webinar/Webcast Apparel Magazine, WhichPLM, Infor customer Woolrich, Sharing their knowledge
Complimentary webcast for chemical manufacturers
Selection Consultant & Industry Influencer Webcast
The Rental Evolution: Rental Contract Management
White Paper 3 Must-Have Elements of a Modern ERP
5 Point Plan to ERP Selection Success
A white paper for equipment manufactures
Accelerating Business Change Through Next-Generation ERP
Achieve Operational Excellence by Making Better Decisions
Best practices for gaining control of costs to remain profitable
Breaking ties to outdated legacy systems and turning to the cloud
Can ERP Help Bridge the Generational Divide in Wholesale Distribution? - White paper
Competing in Time: 5 targets for a distributor’s hit list (1)
Competing in Time: 5 targets for a distributor’s hit list (2)
Compliance Best Practices for Manufacturers - An Infor White Paper
Embracing Change in Wholesale Distribution - Aberdeen report
Equipment Service Management (1)
Equipment Service Management (2)
Fashion Supply Chain Execution
Fashionomics White Paper Series
Five Imperatives of High Tech Leadership
Future-Proofing your business
Get Your Customers Hooked on Equipment Rental
How to achieve a 24/7 sales economy
IDC Whitepaper: From Products to Services
IDC predicts that creating real time collaborative decision-making environments will be the key to beating increasing manufacturing complexity
IDC: Achieving growth through resiliency
Infor Executive Brief on Project-Based Rentals
Infor Food & Beverage
Infor Food & Beverage
Infor Predicts the Future of Manufacturing
Infor for Equipment
Infor for Fashion
Infor for Footwear & Apparel
Ingredients for Speed & Innovation White Paper Series
Ingredients for Speed & Innovation White Paper Series (2nd Series)
Ingredients for Speed & Innovation White Paper Series (2nd Series)
Ingredients for Speed & Innovation White Paper Series - Infor Food & Beverage White Paper Series - Paper 5
Introducing Fashionomics - The New Economics of Fashion
Introducing the Fashionomics white paper series
Is your Supply Chain Ready for the Recovery?
MPI Group: Improved ERP usability leads to greater profitability
MPI Group: Is your ERP holding you back? How do you know? What should you do?
Navigate market pressures with speed and agility
Navigate market pressures with speed and agility - APAC
New Chemicals White Paper - The four biggest challenges chemical manufacturers face
Pairing Telematics & Equipment for Success - Technical Paper
Production Pitfalls: What you need to know about Conflict Minerals
Reshoring Production: Manufacturers reconsider their plant location options
Security and the Cloud
Spend 5 minutes to see how Infor Expense Management works
Ten things you need to know about managing MTO and ETO processes
The New Face of Competitiveness for Automotive Suppliers
The Seven Keys to World-Class Manufacturing - an Infor Discrete Manufacturing White Paper
The Shift to the New IT Infrastructure - Whitepaper
The most comprehensive whitepaper on the issues driving growth in manufacturing
The true impact of downtime on your business - Disaster recovery white paper
Understand the ROI before you jump in
WHITE PAPER: Manufacturing at the Speed of Change (1)
We never can say goodbye - Learn how software and technology can take you from just getting by to getting ahead
What are the key factors for B2B eCommerce Success?
Whitepaper from IDC Manufacturing Insights
Why Social Business Matters for Distributors
eBook Drive collaboration and innovation
Keeping Pace with the Manufacturing Evolution
Make your automotive supply chain more efficient - eBook
Make your automotive supply chain more efficient - eBrief
Metal Fabrication: Production for Profit
Expense Management (XM)
Case Study 4 Infor Expense Management Case Studies
Demonstrations Infor Expense Management Demo
Solution Kit Get More From Your Travel Budget with T&E Expense Software
Infor Expense Management
Infor Expense Management - Automate expense reporting process, Manage your employees T&E spending
Infor Expense Management software - Download Free Solution Kit
Financial Management (FMS)
Analyst Report Aberdeen report - Effective Financial Management for International Expansion
Effective Financial Management for International Expansion
Forrester Trends Report
Ovum Research Reviews Infor10 Financials Business (SunSystems)
Brochure Infor SunSystems
Case Study Infor10 Financials Business (SunSystems) Case Studies
Microsite CloudSuite Corporate
Infor SunSystems
Research Report Nucleus Research Rates Infor CPM solutions as “Leader” - Report
Solution Kit Asian Companies Shifting Focus from US, Europe to Emerging Markets
Complimentary Aberdeen Report on Governance, Risk, and Compliance and the Impact of Global Reporting Standards
How can the Infinium ION Starter Suite help your organization?
Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management
Infor Solution Kit - Closing the GAAP: Managing the Transition to IFRS
Infor Solution Kit - Handle Anything
Multi-Lingual Number Crunching
Video Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management - Video
Web Page Infor Sunsystems
Infor commits to supporting your E Series and M Series (Geac) applications
White Paper BPM Pulse Survey Results - Spotlight on budgeting and planning
Encouraging internal reporting in the Dodd-Frank era
Financial Management Essentials for Global Companies - White paper
Fitting your Business intelligence solution to your enterprise
Five Key Requirements for Finance Systems in the Insurance and Financials Industries
Gartner Research and Infor: Maximizing the Value of your Financial Management System
How to make technology a catalyst for high performance finance (1)
How to make technology a catalyst for high performance finance (2)
IFRS White Paper
Infor White paper - Managing Change in the Financial Services and Insurance Industries
Infor White paper - Sea Change: Transitioning to IFRS
Left out in the cold with Hyperion Enterprise?
Managing Your Business in a Volatile Climate
The strategic CFO White Paper: Success secrets of high performing finance teams
White paper - How to make technology a catalyst for high performance finance
eBook The Global Essentials eBrief
Why Performance Management Really Matters
Analyst Report Infor Cloverleaf Integration and Information Exchange
Brochure Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite
Infor Day Dubai 2014 – Presentations
Quicker, Customized and Priced Right: The Consumer Impacts on Manufacturing
Event Infor Healthcare at HFMA ANI - June 22-25, 2014
Microsite Infor CloudSuite Healthcare - Home
Research Report Five ways to influence outcomes with the patient-centered supply chain
Learn more about Infor’s integral role in your success
White Paper Infor Healthcare
Talent Management in Healthcare
eBook eBrief | An ICD-10 implementation case study: Sutter Health
Hospitality (HSP)
Analyst Report Check out a “Champion” of Hotel Property Management Systems
Brochure Infor HMS
Demonstrations Infor Hospitality
Make financial reporting fast, easy, and cost-effective
Social Hospitality, changing the way you work
Event ITB with hotel software from Infor
ITB with hotel software from Infor
Infor Hospitality - Hotel Software Powering Profitability
Inforum 2013 for Infor Hospitality
Microsite Home
Research Report Infor named “Champion” for two essential hotel management systems
Solution Kit Infor Hospitality, Engineered for Speed
Looking for a painless budgeting and planning cycle?
Video Infor Hospitality upgrade video
Web Page Infor EzRMS
Webinar/Webcast Infor EzRMS: Maximize profitability
White Paper 9 ways to pull more revenue through to your bottom line
Check out a “Champion” of Hotel Property Management Systems
Learn how to drive a faster business and use speed as your differentiator.
Successful technology strategies for hotel management companies
Human Capital Management (HCM)
Analyst Report Treasure your HR Data Trust it to the right platform
Microsite HCM Trends
Solution Kit Infor Human Capital Management - The Power of Infor HCM
Infor acquires CERTPOINT Systems
Web Page 2012 Talent Management Trends Kit (1)
Share an HCM tweet and support Habitat for Humanity®
White Paper Creating a Lean and Flexible Workforce in Manufacturing
IDC calls us a leader in talent management. Find out why.
eBook eBook | Human Management in Healthcare: Hiring Right to Meet the Demands of Healthcare Reform
White Paper Infor Analytics - Democratization of Data
Product Configuration Management (PCM)
Brochure Infor 3D Design Automation
Case Study Product Configuration Management - Doors & Windows
Product Configuration Management - Doors & Windows
Microsite Infor PCM for Doors - home
Research Report How CPQ Impacts Customer Engagement
Solution Kit Best-of-Breed Configuration for Microsoft Dynamics AX - Multiple Assets
Best-of-Breed Configuration for Oracle E-Business Suite - Multiple assets
Giving your sales the tools for success
Infor Customer Interview: Tom Evans, vice president sales Great Plains Manufacturing - Video and Case study
Marine Sales and Manufacturing
Video Infor PCM - Demo
See Infor Product Configuration Management at work - Video
White Paper Grow your business with product configuration management - Whitepaper - Capterra
Manufacturing Executive Series - Whitepaper Move beyond lean to build competitive advantage
Manufacturing Sales Executive Series - whitepaper
The Evolution of Technology
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Analyst Report Free Aberdeen Report - Best in Class Steps to Success
Gartner Industry Research Report
Gartner Industry Research Report - A Guide to PLM Providers for Formulated Packaged Goods Industries
IDC Manufacturing Analyst connection
White Paper – Integrating the planning of sporadic and slow moving parts within the normal planning process
Brochure Infor PLM- Choose the Right Formula for Chemical Agility
Case Study Henkel improves its product lifecycle management with Infor Optiva
Demonstrations Infor Optiva Demo
Infor Optiva Demo - product lifecycle management software solution
Solution Kit Top 10 Reasons to Trade Up to the ALL NEW Infor Fashion PLM
Web Page Design, Develop and Deliver Innovative New Products Faster
Design, Develop and Deliver Innovative New Products Faster
Learn about the five processes that impact recall readiness (1)
Webinar/Webcast Develop better products faster with Infor Optiva
White Paper Consumernomics – The plan is there is no plan
Fashionomics White Paper Series
Five ways to manage the lifecycle of your products more efficiently and cost-effectively
Five ways to manage the lifecycle of your products more efficiently and cost-effectively.
How Food & Beverage Companies Gain Competitive Advantage
Public Sector (IPS)
Analyst Report The North American Local Government IT Solution Vendor Landscape, 2012
Brochure Be on your way to improved responsiveness
Be on your way to improving your responsiveness
Implement best practices with a federal focus
Improve the flow of information for your government agency
Integrated patient data exchange solutions to improve patient care and manage operations
It’s a wise course for improving school management
Libraries and information centers
Make room in your library for an improved edition
Win the race against time
Case Study Implement an end-to-end solution for your libraries
Replace complicated with easy
Microsite Infor for the Public Sector
Solution Kit Infor Ontario Public Sector Day
Video Create team success with ERP solutions
Help your state employees help themselves
Web Page Thank you for visiting at GFOA
Webinar/Webcast Infor Public Sector
White Paper Check out easy mobile solutions for your library
Eliminate silos and streamline communication with social collaboration
Emergency Management thought leadership
Get a lesson in the value of ERP for your school
Improve your ability to respond to critical calls.
Infor Public Sector - Employee Engagement Whitepaper
See the power of ERP at work for your government agency
See the value of ERP for your federal agency
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Analyst Report Aberdeen Warehouse Management: Optimize fulfillment logistics and distribution processes
Aberdeen report: Supply Chain Optimization.
Building a Green Supply Chain - Get the Aberdeen report
Free Aberdeen Report - Best Practices for Improving Supply Chain Intelligence
How does your S&OP process compare to your peers … and how to become best-in-class step by step.
Infor Executive Brief - Risk Management
Infor SCM Software - Aberdeen Integrated Transportation Management report
Sales & Operations Planning - Boost your supply chain margins.
Technology Strategies for Inventory Management - Infor SCM : Free Aberdeen Report
Brochure Drive growth, improve forecasting accuracy and optimize supply chain
Infor10 Supply Chain Execution
Unlock new profit potential for your business with Infor Demand Planning
Case Study Damco
Faster Supply Chain Optimization for Food & Beverage Companies
Infor Lawson Point of Use
Saab Automobile Parts
Demonstrations Infor Demand Planning Demo - Supply Chain Management Software
Infor Transportation Management SHIPLOGIX software demo
Event Join Infor at the IARW-WFLO Convention & Expo
Video Infor Supply Chain Execution
Webinar/Webcast Just-style Apparel information, insight & intelligence
Webinar: Improve forecasting accuracy and reduce inventory
White Paper 8 Strategies to Drive Supply Chain Performance - Infor SCM White Paper
Experience the new Infor SCE
Fashionomics White Paper Series
IDC Manufacturing Analyst connection - Whitepaper
Independent white paper suggests 7 key steps towards Supply Chain Optimization - 3rd party White paper
Innovation in Third Party Logistics
Integrating the planning of sporadic and slow moving parts within the normal planning process
Invest in Technology While Interest Rates Are Low
Meet your manufacturing challenges
Seeking a Step Change in Carcass Balance? Rethink Your Planning Process
The Journey Toward Next-Generation S&OP in the Manufacturing Industry
The complexities of tank scheduling
Brochure Infor: The cloud is here!
Solution Kit Flexible and proven cloud solutions for your industry - Videos and Brochure
White Paper Are modifications really needed?
Drapers and Infor present Innovation in Fashion Report 2014
Head to the cloud
White Paper: The democratization of data
Whitepaper from IDC Manufacturing Insights
Whitepaper: Reduce program coding and accelerate development time
Whitepaper: The democratization of data
Whitepaper: The mobile (R)evolution
Whitepaper: Top 10 Things you Should Know about Infor ION
Whitepaper: Why companies are getting serious about social business
Why smart CFOs are moving to the cloud
eBook Drive collaboration and innovation
Workforce Management (WFM)
White Paper Fashionomics White Paper Series
Retail Workforce Management
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