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Q. Is the Infor System i Roadmap Day for me?
The Infor System i Roadmap Day is designed for anyone using the IBM i platform (including AS/400®, iSeries®, Power i) to run their business – to map out their application and platform strategy for the future*. Our aim is to help you preserve your investment in your IBM i solution and ensure that whatever your business objectives, you have the advanced, integrated hardware and software platform you need to be competitive today and in the future.

Q. What does an Infor System i Roadmap Day consist of?
An Infor consultant will spend time with you reviewing your hardware, applications and ERP software to ensure they fulfill your current and future business needs. After gaining an understanding of your current and ongoing business requirements, and identifying challenges and opportunities you may face, problems you may be experiencing or shortcomings in your current systems, your consultant will help you to prioritize opportunities for improvements to support your business. This information will be used to create a plan to future-proof your system – showing you how you can increase customer satisfaction while protecting your existing IBM i investment, without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Q. Will the Roadmap Day cost me anything?
No. Though personalized to suit your requirements, the Roadmap Day is free of charge for any IBM i user wishing to continue running applications simply, securely, flexibly and cost-effectively or to modernize their system to ensure it meets future business demands.

*subject to acceptance.

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