Pepsico Beverages

How to track and measure operational asset performance

Facts at a glance
Company PepsiCo Beverages
Solution Infor10 EAM
Industry Food&Beverage
Country Italy

PepsiCo Beverages Italia needed an information management system to manage and track assets like coolers and fountains that it loans at no cost to clients -- shopping centers, bars, and fast-food outlets. Approximately 20 thousand of those assets are installed across Italy; PepsiCo Beverages also sought to increase operational efficiency, measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and trace every event involving every piece of equipment throughout the entire asset life cycle company's asset base.

In this case study, find out how Infor10 EAM has helped PepsiCo Beverages:

  • Increase productivity and managerial control of all activities.
  • Reduce errors, achieve better accountability for assets, and improve data collection to support decision-making.
  • Connect to PepsiCo's ERP system

"This project has taken us to a top-ranking position as one of the most advanced PepsiCo organizations in the world. We can accurately measure our performance almost in real time and we have thorough all-round control over all our equipment,"
Roberto Girotto, manager of PepsiCo Beverages MEM (Market Equipment Management).

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