About Infor Libraries

Infor Libraries provides end-to-end automation solutions for your library. Your staff can more easily manage resources of any kind and deliver excellent service to the public.

With our solutions you market your library’s services, engage users in interactive ways, and provide access to digital and traditional materials alike. You easily manage your collections and provide users with access to information on the internet, in your library's catalog, or in subscription databases.

Infor has helped libraries like yours to:

  • Better manage all your operations, including circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, serials management, and reporting.
  • Manage customer relationships and gain key performance data and metrics to support decision making at all levels.
  • Provide access to your library’s resources and deliver a rich, interactive online experience to users.
  • Extend services through interoperability with additional systems such as RFID units, payment stations, sorting systems, and more.

Join the hundreds of libraries worldwide who use Infor library and information management solutions. Some these prestigious institutions located around the world include the Vatican Library, the City of Paris Library Network in France, and the Amsterdam Public Library in the Netherlands.



WHITE PAPER: Unified resources handling

V-smart e-Resources and printed materials.

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