Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Infor ERP VISUAL and Infor ERP VISUAL Jobshop?

VISUAL Jobshop is a streamlined, lighter version of its larger brother ERP VISUAL, designed specifically to handle tasks for the smallest manufacturers. It contains rich functionality to help you manage operations from quoting to invoicing, but, unlike ERP VISUAL, it is not a comprehensive ERP package.

The most obvious difference between the two applications is that although VISUAL Jobshop has full job costing capabilities and uses an "actual costing only" design, it does not offer a seamlessly integrated financial package. Instead, VISUAL Jobshop exports its financial transactions to popular accounting packages. Applications such as QuickBooks®, Peachtree® Accounting, and Pastel® Software perform Jobshop's accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger duties.

Focused with the small job shop in mind, VISUAL Jobshop does not include a master production schedule, automated MRP, human resources, payroll, multi-warehousing, configuration, customer relationship management, patented concurrent scheduling of material availability, and other extensive functions found in ERP VISUAL.

If I use VISUAL Jobshop with an accounting package like QuickBooks, what functions should I perform in each of these applications?

Jobshop's functionality is very rich in engineering, material and service purchasing, inventory control, shop floor control, shipping, and planning. You should use the tools in Jobshop for your direct manufacturing-related activity, as well as take advantage of its extensive managerial analysis reports that were designed for and by manufacturing managers. You should use your accounting package for miscellaneous business expenses, clearing invoices, managing payroll, paying the bills, and producing financial statements.

What are Infor's future development plans for VISUAL Jobshop?

Infor will continually evolve Jobshop's functionality to reflect necessary enhancements for the small manufacturing community. You can look forward to seeing features that make the application even easier to use. It will not, however, become a complete ERP system like ERP VISUAL.

What kinds of shops benefit the most from VISUAL Jobshop?

Typical VISUAL Jobshop customers include small, growing, make-to-order and niche manufactures. If you are looking to automate and streamline your business and enjoy the ease-of-use of your current accounting package but are limited by its manufacturing incompatibility, VISUAL Jobshop may be just what you are looking for.

What kind of support is included with VISUAL Jobshop to help get us going?

Every package of VISUAL Jobshop includes an interactive getting started wizard, screen cam demonstrations, and a Getting Started guide. Jobshop also has a complete on-line user guide, extensive context sensitive help, and a web-based knowledge center.

Infor provides a growing number of Authorized Jobshop Resellers for your assistance to ensure you receive quality technical support. For more hands-on training, Infor also offers ongoing Getting Started courses at its Portsmouth, New Hampshire offices.

For new Premier Edition customers in the United States and Canada, you may take advantage of free call-in, fax, and e-mail support for the first 60 days after purchase. You can extend this support by purchasing an annual support package.

I have substantial information in existing applications and/or spreadsheet files. Is there a way I can get this data into VISUAL Jobshop without re-keying it?

Yes. You can directly migrate your customer, supplier, part, and Bill-of-Material information, formatted into tab-delimited flat files, into VISUAL Jobshop using its Import feature. You can easily generate these files using popular spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel. You can also use Jobshop's Getting Started Wizard that automatically migrates applicable data from your QuickBooks company file.*

* Requires QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise - 2002 or later.

Are there any mandatory ongoing support or maintenance fees?

No. Annual support and maintenance packages are available but not mandatory. These packages include call-in support and any software upgrades issued during active enrollment.

If I purchase VISUAL Jobshop now, use it for a while, and want to later migrate to ERP VISUAL, can I do this?

Yes. To migrate to VISUAL Manufacturing and become one of the nearly 3,500 companies using its strengths, contact your local Infor Associate organization. This associate will work with you and help you make the transition.

Can I save my VISUAL Jobshop data if I become an ERP VISUAL customer?

Yes. Infor designed Jobshop's data structure so it will migrate easily to ERP VISUAL. With assistance from your local Infor Associate, VISUAL Jobshop's data populates a VISUAL Manufacturing database with the use of a utility program.

Can I get credited from my Jobshop purchase toward the cost of migrating to VISUAL Enterprise?

Yes. Infor will credit you the original cost of the VISUAL Jobshop software against the initial contacted purchase costs of ERP VISUAL, up to 20% of the cost of  ERP VISUAL or in accordance with the following table, whichever is less:

Length of time from Jobshop License purchase: Amount of Jobshop software cost credited to new VM licensee:
Up to 1 year 80%
Over 1 but less than 2 years 60%
Over 2 but less than 3 years 40%
Over 3 but less than 4 years 20%
Over 4 years 0%


To obtain the credit you must purchase an ERP VISUAL product license count equal to or greater than the number of paid Jobshop licenses.

How do I learn more about VISUAL Jobshop? Can I see it in action?

Contact us! We love to talk with innovative small manufacturers like yourself. We can put you in contact with an authorized reseller or set up an interactive web demonstration of the product to ensure you receive answers to all your specific questions.

What is the bottom line? What does VISUAL Jobshop cost? How can I buy it?

Contact us for multi-user pricing. We accept major credit cards and corporate checks and can refer you to leasing firms familiar with our products. To make your shop a VISUAL job shop today, contact any authorized reseller or contact Infor directly.



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