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Federal IT: Leading the mission and direction

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As a federal agency, your mission likely involves responding to a growing list of challenges that include an aging workforce, shrinking budgets, cybersecurity threats and providing for our national defense.  Success for you means enabling stronger connections to citizens, supporting the war fighter and building a 21st century workforce that can shape the future direction of our country. 

Infor has worked with federal customers for more than 30 years to develop and deliver a suite of industry-specific solutions and services to help achieve your mission while addressing citizen demands for service and transparency.

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  • Infor HCM Federal Brochure: Improve your federal workforce management from hire to retire.
  • Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring for Cybersecurity white paper: Understand how to best protect your agency and its data from cyber-attacks.
  • EAM federal Brochure: Manage, maintain and repair all of your assets for increased accountability and transparency
  • Managing government assets strategically, infographic: Gain a new perspective on all of your government assets and the best way to manage them from property to physical to transportation
  • Overcoming federal property management challenges, Industry Perspectives: Learn more about the specific challenges facing federal property and asset managers and how to address with new technology solutions
  • Talent science: Build a 21st century workforce and ensure that your hiring decisions map to the roles you need to fill with a scientific approach to talent management
  • Healthcare Federal Brochure: Improve patient outcomes, manage people and supplies more efficiently and drive success in your federal healthcare organization
  • Public Sector Federal Brochure: Complete support for your agency’s mission with solutions purpose built for the needs of federal government
  • Infor Federal Video: Your partner for a 21st century government
  • Infor ION Video: Connect disparate systems for a more collaborative government
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