End User Adoption Services


Rapid user adoption and optimization

Infor Education is proud to introduce End User Adoption Services

End User Adoption Services helps ensure that end users integrate your Infor solution into their day-to-day activities. With this program, your organization can accelerate the speed at which users adopt new systems and processes, so you realize the inherent business value in your Infor solution and attain faster ROI.

Consider this: When an organization invests significant money in software systems to improve business operations and gain a competitive advantage, the success of these investments depends on three factors: 

  • Quality software
  • Efficient, effective implementation
  • Rapid user adoption and optimization

To succeed, you need all three factors. Unfortunately, when users are slow to adopt a solution, it takes your organization longer to realize the expected benefits, and ultimately the ROI. Infor Education’s End User Adoption Services program delivers confident trained end users, so you can achieve the kind of business improvements made possible by your Infor solution—so you can gain a competitive advantage.

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