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Increase revenue by 4% to 7% from year one with very little investment

With Infor EzRMS

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry is becoming increasingly price competitive. Hotel chains across the world are feeling margin pressure and a general lack of control over their sales and distribution channels, as discounters enter the market and distribution channels diversify. What’s more, undisciplined and random pricing can rapidly lead to brand dilution and product commoditization. You can meet these challenges with Infor EzRMS, a fully automated revenue management solution that was specifically developed for the hospitality and gaming industry.

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With Infor EzRMS you can:

  • Maximize occupancy and protect rates when necessary.
  • Receive recommendations on appropriate selling strategies.
  • Create accurate historical, current, and future statistical reports.
  • Provide detailed demand forecasting information.
  • React to market influences with the help of competitor analysis on both the Internet and the global distribution system.
  • Evaluate the impact group reservations have on occupancy and revenue.
  • Get access to reports and real-time information on a group-wide basis.

Start maximizing profits today with Infor EzRMS, an industry leading revenue and yield management SaaS solution. While most revenue optimization algorithms only manage room price, Infor EzRMS also considers ancillary spending that takes place in spas and restaurants, on the golf course, and in other extra-revenue areas, to offer total revenue management.

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