5 Point Plan to ERP Selection Success

The essential guide to ERP
Selection Success

5 key action points to help evaluate and select the right ERP system for your business

If your current ERP system is not supporting what you need to achieve, you are right to start evaluating new options. This can be a complex task, but it is important to get the right system that is closely aligned with your business strategy.

This guide will help you to think differently about evaluating and selecting an ERP system, providing guidance around 5 key points:

  • Acknowledging your business drivers; why do you need a new system?
  • Establishing your ERP strategy; what does your ERP system need to help you accomplish?
  • Determining your priorities; what critical functions do you need your ERP to support?
  • Calculating the total cost of ownership; how much will a new system will really cost you?
  • Choosing the right vendor; who do you turn to and which vendor is right for you?

A new ERP system will, potentially, be a big investment for you. This plan will also help you dig deeper into your new potential partner; implementation ability, what services they can offer and how they will support you as a customer.

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