Are modifications really needed?

Can you get industry-specific expertise in off- the-shelf solutions?

Examining the pros and cons of modifying your ERP solution

This Industry Insights paper examines one of the most controversial aspects of ERP solutions:   Whether to modify your ERP solution to meet industry-specific needs or "make do" with standard off-the-shelf solutions?

As an Aerospace & Defense manufacturer or supplier you likely have industry-specific functionality you simply must have in your ERP solution. You may also be frustrated with the delays and high costs that come from heavily modified solutions.  The paper examines the pros and cons of modifications and explains a third option: Solutions purpose-built for your industry that require no modifications.

Download this insightful paper that fully explains the issues and helps answer one of the most critical questions a company considering an ERP solution faces: to modify or not to modify. The good news is, you don't have to modify your ERP solution in order to get the deep A&D industry expertise you need. Read more about ERP solutions designed by industry and why they offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and help you avoid the modification merry-go-round.

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