The New Ground Rules for Automotive Manufacturing

Keeping your operations productive and your business profitable

The automotive industry is experiencing a remarkable resurgence. After the challenges of the recession and the slow recovery that followed, automotive sales are once again at pre-recession levels and rising. OEMs and tier suppliers alike are struggling to keep up with demand and simultaneously pursuing higher quality and lower cost. There’s no room for gaps in communication, stock-outs, inconsistent quality, or production delays. Any one of these seemingly small production miss-steps can be disastrous.

Early adopters of advanced IT solutions have changed the ground rules for all manufacturing operations. Integrated IT solutions have redefined the role of software solutions in overcoming challenges and turning market pressures into revenue opportunities. Companies that are not joining ranks and incorporating new process improvement concepts will likely be pushed out by the more aggressive and more tech-savvy suppliers. This is no time to “wait and see” what IT innovation or ERP trend is on the horizon. Agile response is critical.

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Executive Brief: Achieving the new production norm in the automotive industry. Discusses how automotive companies can seize emerging opportunities by focusing on:

  • Speed delivery to customers
  • Increase innovation and release of new products
  • Support more complex products
  • Manage growing supply chain complexity
  • Optimize resources and inventory
  • Improve quality controls and operational excellence

Checklist: Five ways to improve plant floor productivity. The plant floor can often be the weakest link in your supply chain. Learn how accurate and comprehensive real-time information about plant floor operations empowers you to make informed decisions that help drive productivity.

How-to Guide: Four ways to better manage complex BOMs to drive productivity. This piece offers practical advice on managing complex bills of materials (BOMs) in automotive manufacturing.

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