Evaluating the cost of outdated ERP

A change today can equate to significant growth tomorrow


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Today's enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions differ greatly from versions introduced even just a decade ago. But evaluating new ERP systems is no easy task. Is your current ERP system helping you stay competitive? If not, then it's time to start evaluating new options.

Your ERP software solution should enable you to:

  • Streamline operations and gain company-wide visibility.
  • Get access to information anytime, anywhere to improve decision-making and speed response times.
  • Easily adapt to new manufacturing methods, changing customer requirements, and evolving business strategies.
  • Get new products to market more quickly and profitably.
  • Optimize inventory and production resources to increase efficiency.
  • Improve quality and customer satisfaction.

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  • “Current and Competitive ERP”— an eBrief by The MPI Group that outlines how next-generation ERP systems have evolved in functionality, usability and integration.
  • “The Value of Upgrading ERP: Maintaining Modern Technology” — a white paper by Aberdeen Group that discusses the importance of staying current in your ERP, and how upgrades can present a good alternative to 'rip and replace.'
  • “Examining the pros and cons of modifying your ERP solution” — an Industry Insights paper that cuts through the hype about modifications-and highlights the increase of options and flexibility transforming the ERP landscape.

The payoff of an updated ERP system can be huge—offering substantial benefits and return on investment (ROI). Research has shown that most manufacturers lack the information technologies they need to stay competitive. Just as long-established manufacturing industries like automotive, aerospace and defense, and industrial manufacturing have evolved, so too have the ERP software systems that support them.

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