Dealer Rentalnomics—2014 and beyond

Part 3: Achieving rental leadership in the new economy

By Garry Bartecki, CPA, MBA
Dealer-Rental Success LLC

There is little doubt that rental is here to stay. The American Rental Association estimates that North American equipment rental revenue will grow from approximately $38-40 billion in 2014 to $50-53 billion in 2018.  If you are the CFO or finance VP of a dealer, service, or rental company—this paper by Garry Bartecki is a must-read to stay abreast of how to successfully support the financial side of your business during the rental transformation.

Part 3: Achieving rental leadership in the new economy is the last in a series of three on "rentalnomics"—the new economy of rental. This paper makes a number of recommendations for dealers moving into rent-to-rent (RTR), including:

  • How to get educated
  • How to get an understanding of rental on your financial statements, and finally
  • How to get the right people, processes, and supporting systems in place 

We also provide some recommendations and advice on how to succeed with your rental transformation. 

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