Quicker, Customized and Priced Right: The Consumer Impacts on Manufacturing

Manufacturing.net On-Demand Webinar

Consumers have high expectations, especially for highly configured and personalized products. This trend is affecting retailers, the supply chain, and manufacturers as they struggle to adapt processes to provide highly customized products. In this webinar hosted by Manufacturing. Net, industry leaders discuss the issues and provide insights, including:

  • Ways to monitor and track customer attitudes, trends, and levels of satisfaction through various touch-points.
  • Customization approaches that mesh with customer wants and desires without negatively impacting production flow or profitability.
  • Strategies for working with the supply chain, distributors and channel partners to ensure customer satisfaction through the sale — and after.
  • New portals for purchasing and specifying products, configuration tools, omni-channel shopping platforms, private label opportunities, and new shipping partnerships.

Speakers include:
Larry Korak, Industry & Solution Strategy Director for Manufacturing, Infor
Cliff Waldman, MAPI Senior Economist, MAPI
Jeff Reinke, Editorial Director, Manufacturing.net

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