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Today’s manufacturers need the ability to quickly transform, redefine, and restructure their business model to achieve growth. And they're discovering that cloud solutions can kick-start the dynamic, multi-dimensional growth they need. Cloud solutions have monthly subscription rates and can be covered as an operating expense, rather than a hefty one-time capital investment, so even companies with limited capital can enjoy a modern, flexible architecture.

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It’s time to move beyond edge applications like CRM, marketing automation, and e-commerce software and realize the benefits of ERP in the Cloud. Watch a video about how cloud ERP solutions can help your growing business adopt the customer-centric approach that today’s market conditions demand. Best of all, cloud ERP solutions can help you get the value of an ERP system at a lower total cost of ownership.

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  • The shift to a new IT Infrastructure, a short brief by The MPI Group that outlines how cloud computing offers flexible options to support long-term, less-restrictive growth. 
  • How cloud solutions can help manufacturers achieve multi-dimensional growth, a paper that examines how cloud deployment helps companies achieve their goals for expansion and growth, and offers five ways cloud deployment lays the groundwork for manufacturing growth.
  • Infor CloudSuite Industrial: Industry Suite Handbook, an in-depth review of how you can target greater growth and higher profit gains with innovative technology built to deliver agility and speed—all with the flexibility that modern manufacturing demands.

As manufacturers brace for the next chapter in the saga of evolving industrialization, it is clear that many changes lie ahead and technology will be an integral factor in the change, the outcome, and the coping mechanisms. Cloud deployment, because of its flexibility, agility, and subscription pricing, offers definite advantages to growth-hungry companies ready to move to the next level of customer satisfaction, product innovation, and global competitiveness.

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