Balancing low cost suppliers with high customer expectations

The offshoring debate continues for high tech manufacturers

Outsourcing continues to be a topic of debate among manufacturers, who struggle to find the appropriate balance between low cost suppliers and escalating customer expectations. For high tech manufacturers the topic is particularly important, as electronics and high tech components typically require a large amount of repetitive hand-work that is outsourced to countries who offer low wages. Sentiments about outsourcing—and the cost benefits—are starting to change. Whether it is moving a plant closer to the consumer to speed delivery or positioning a new plant near a growing market, agile ERP solutions can be the key to making geographic decisions practical and cost effective.

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Industry Perspective: How agile ERP solutions can help high tech manufacturers connect with suppliers. In this brief, we explore what’s driving the reshoring movement and how modern ERP solutions, particularly cloud deployment, can help make this undertaking easier. Learn more about:

  • What’s driving reshoring initiatives?
  • Are manufacturers changing their minds?
  • How can technology make reshoring easier?
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