EEF Conference Report

The Role Technology plays in the Future of Manufacturing

We now face the dawn of a 4th industrial revolution, sometimes called Industry 4.0. Digitization has opened up new ways to respond efficiently to customer needs. New production processes make innovation and product customization easier and faster. Now, manufacturers can turn to disruptive technologies to help them create a competitive edge and combat growing global competition.

It’s an exciting time in manufacturing, but also challenging. This report on emerging trends in manufacturing, produced in conjunction with the EEF, The Manufacturers’ Organisation, Conference held in the UK, examines the forces driving changes in manufacturing and how technology providers are responding to market demand.  The report also provides examples of successful companies, such as Renishaw and Jaguar Land Rover,  who have already adapted innovative processes and are well on their way to setting new standards for the future.

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Topics include:

  • The drivers of change:  A global marketplace, automation and communication, smart sensors, big data, virtualization and factories’ flexible future
  • Companies Revolutionising the Future of Manufacturing:   Jaguar Land Rover, Renishaw, Siemens, AMRC

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