Infor EAM OpenCAD

Picture a new way to manage your assets

Save time, enhance productivity and achieve greater data accuracy

How much more valuable would your enterprise asset management (EAM) program be if, at a glance, you could determine the status of your assets from a number of perspectives?

When you implement Infor EAM OpenCAD alongside your Infor EAM software, you can save time, enhance productivity, provide your staff with greater job satisfaction, and achieve greater data accuracy to improve your decision-making.

With Infor EAM OpenCAD, you can:

  • Modernize operations related to structures, assets, buildings, premises, facilities, and equipment.
  • Simplify compliance with technical and accounting classification standards.
  • Provide reliable and clear data on occupation and availability of spaces in order to accurately calculate costs, including costs related to assets located inside the spaces.
  • Improve visibility into details that promote better decision-making for managing risk and compliance objectives.
  • Help locate assets more quickly, which is especially beneficial for new employees.
  • Provide a visual approach that’s simple to use with an easy-to-adopt user interface that requires no distinct customizations
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