How to unlock the secrets of a “more perfect” supply chain and inventory replenishment system

Customer demand is an elusive target. That’s why inventory management for wholesale distributors is a mission-critical function. Traditional systems have long attempted to solve the inventory management and service level dilemma through better forecasting, improvements in the order point/order quantity or min/max calculation processes, or by adjusting safety stock levels.

But, inventory replenishment in a wholesale-distribution environment can be bewildering. There are products, technology, and people skills involved. Each of these can actually obscure some of the obvious simplicity of inventory replenishment as a process. If you can begin to think differently about inventory flow, that change in thinking will provide an improved return on your inventory investment and service levels.

Download the white paper by Howard Coleman, Principal, MCA Associates, so you can learn more about a pragmatic approach to improving your inventory management strategy. All you’ll need is a sufficient dose of good decision-making, the right execution, and a willingness to think differently.

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