White paper: AmazonSupply: Friend or Foe?

A closer look into the pros and cons

Industry analysts often portray AmazonSupply as an active threat to traditional distributors.  But according to AmazonSupply: Friend or Foe?, a new white paper by Charles Bennett and Brandon R. Brown of Business Data Links, Inc. (BDL), it may be easier for many distribution operations to work with Amazon, rather than trying to hold out against a powerful new business model.

Like distributors, BDL says, Amazon’s success depends on its ability to “push products as quickly as possible.” That common interest opens up an opportunity for more traditional distributors, particularly as they search for wider markets for their C and D items. There are several advantages wholesale distributors can gain from working with AmazonSupply including:

  • Streamlining the supply chain
  • Increasing productivity
  • Maximizing earning potential

Read the new white paperAmazonSupply: Friend or Foe?,” to find out where it may make sense to foster a relationship.

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