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Our company and products have transformed significantly over the past few years, and the pace of our innovation continues to accelerate. We are going into 2014 with a continued focus on building applications that have micro-vertical functionality, creating user experiences that people love and adopting the architecture of the internet for simpler and faster product integrations.

  • Infor has signed 3,000+ new customers each of the last four years... These customers decided against Epicor, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and many other choices. Do you know why?
  • Infor is investing more in R&D relative to sales than any other comparable vendor in the market... Are you clear on Infor's solution strategy?
  • Infor delivers applications built for specific micro-verticals... Did you think Infor was only acquiring, not building holistic solutions?
  • Infor has an in-house design firm to create an exceptional user experience... Did you know one of Infor's aspirational goals is to change the way people work and make enterprise solutions as simple as your best consumer-grade apps?

View the on-demand streaming webcast of the Infor executive team, including CEO Charles Phillips, sharing Infor's vision and strategy for the New Year.

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