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Infor wins trendsetter, champion, and best overall value awards

To keep your hotel or casino running smoothly, you need a property management system that organizes front- and back-office tasks, connecting staff members and updating them on the current status of your property and guests. Despite the criticality of this system to your business, you may have found it difficult to get a good view of the major players in the hospitality software market.


Take a good look at Infor, a key provider of hospitality enterprise applications and services that earned the trend setter, champion, and best overall value award in a recent Info-Tech Research Group report. According to the report, Infor allows you to:

  • Choose which applications you would like deployed on site and in the cloud, and gives you the ability to change these choices over time.
  • Monitor guest feedback and preferences expressed on social media channels such as TripAdvisor, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Take advantage of customized reporting so you can optimize your rate management strategies and better forecast demand.


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