Are you Ready for New Customer Requirements?

You are challenged to meet the exacting specifications and requirements of your customers. And these demands are liable to increase and change constantly. If you don't meet them, you could be fined, miss opportunities to bid, and even lose your existing business.

There are several factors that can produce these escalating demands.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), for instance, issue their own requirements.  Last year in North America, there were 122 OEM mandated changes. Among them: EDI, communications, bar code labels, and shipping documents.

Another factor is changing market demand as consumers place increasing interest on light vehicles and hybrid/electric cars.  What's more, we are entering an era of mass customization. Customers expect innovation and personalization.

High performing suppliers score high on several benchmarks:

Given these high expectations, you'll need advanced communication capabilities that enable you to stay in sync with your customers and rapidly respond to their requests.

Stay in Sync: Respond to Your Customer

Next generation solutions can enable you to eclipse the limitations of conventional ERP, EDI, and Supply Chain Management tools. Now you can keep up with accelerating change in the automotive sector and ensure you're covered when customers introduce new mandates and requirements.
You can: 

With Infor Automotive Exchange, you can achieve these outcomes. You'll have an advanced solution unifying ERP, demand management (Infor Automotive Exchange), supply chain management (Infor Supplier Exchange), as well as capabilities to streamline integration (ION) and enhance user navigation (Workspace).  

With Infor Automotive Exchange, you can efficiently run your communications on a unified, global platform. You'll have a single ERP-agnostic solution, with automotive trading partner rules built in, that is continuously updated in relation to changes in the automotive industry.

Further, Infor Automotive Exchange can manage customer-specific demand information in releases, shipment instructions, sequence message, Kanban signals, etc. By providing one face to all customers, it will enable you to enhance responsiveness and perceived value. This is an enormous benefit for companies struggling to keep up with rapidly changing customer requirements and specifications.

By staying in sync, you'll ensure you're covered when new demands arise.

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