How Finance Executives Achieve Best-in-Class Business Performance

Effectively Plan, Execute, and Validate Your Organization’s Operations

Steps to empower your company’s performance

Performance management allows financial executives to allocate money more effectively, plan better, and execute on plans designed to improve the performance of the business.

Read this Aberdeen Report, Performance Management for Finance Executives: Driving Performance with Insight, to learn how best-in-class company finance executives gain clear visibility into financial and operational performance information. Based on over 100 survey responses, this report provides guidance on implementing effective business performance management that leads to improved financial and operational control.

Learn more about these four compelling facts from the report:

  1. Learn how best-in-class company's finance executives completed 95% of financial filings within the required time.

  2. The bottom 30% of company performers are over twice as likely as top-performing companies to have annual planning processes that take more than 3 months.

  3. Time to decision in best-in-class companies has decreased 23% over the past year, as opposed to a 2% decrease for all others.

  4. The operating profit margin in best-in-class companies in the most recent fiscal period was 17%, as opposed to 14% for all others.

Read how using performance management core elements can earn your organization the best-in-class performance status. Also, see how the University of New South Wales successfully implemented a performance management solution that brought immediate benefits.

"We have implemented a driverbased planning process."
-Director, Large Consumer Packaged goods company

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