7 practical steps to help you choose the right supply chain execution solution

Innovation in logistics services

Many companies don't have the resources to define their strategy and requirements for selecting and implementing new supply chain execution systems or extending or upgrading the capabilities of their existing applications. So, here is a practical roadmap for assessing, defining, and selecting the capabilities that you will need to compete and establish strategic relationships with new and existing customers:

  1. Develop and communicate your business strategy to your manager and employees.
  2. Identify your steering committee and two full time internal or external process leaders to manage the project.
  3. Assess and document your current supply chain execution processes (workflows), metrics, and information technology.
  4. Conduct secondary market research on supply chain execution systems and technologies
  5. Map your findings (functionality and features) to your existing processes, metrics, and strategy
  6. Conduct primary research on your short list references
  7. Release an RFP to qualified vendors, conduct a thorough selection process, quantify the value, and evaluate the solutions available
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