Keeping Pace with the
Manufacturing Evolution

Interactive EBrief Provides One-Stop Resource for Market Insights, Case Studies and How-To Advice for Adapting to Fast-Changing Market Pressures.


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Manufacturers are facing continually evolving challenges—from global competition to price volatility and increasing customer demands for product specialization. Keeping up with innovation and maintaining a competitive edge are no easy feats. Technology solutions provide critical tools to help you adopt, speed processes, identify new opportunities and make the most of your available resources. This EBrief examines the driving forces, looks at the new technologies available and explains the timely benefits of investing in your IT infrastructure now. Stay informed on the changing manufacturing environment and how to seize your position on the forefront of the manufacturing evolution.

It’s an exciting time in manufacturing as new opportunities and technologies emerge and give the manufacturing environment a new level of dynamic innovation and expectation. It’s also a challenging time, though, as increased pressures force manufacturers to take a closer look at expenses, supply chains, account profitability, and ways to streamline operations and speed delivery to customers—without sacrificing quality or value.

A strategy is critical. In order to leverage the new technologies, modern ERP solutions and advanced business applications available, it is essential that you keep informed on the market trends, the industry insights and best practices of leading manufacturers. This Ebrief presents statistics from recent research, explains the relevance and then provides links to additional resources in case you want a more in-depth look at the driving forces, solutions and benefits.


Part 1: Driving Forces
The rebounding of the intelligent economy
Expanding ERP requirements to meet changing market conditions
Adopting a new kind of solution to fit a global perspective
Improving decision making to manage complexity
Sourcing industry-specific solutions as manufacturers specialize
Implementing consumer-grade, easy-to-use business applications to meet personnel expectations

Part 2: The new Approach
Replacing monolithic ERPs of yesterday with easily adaptable systems
Managing cloud, blended, and two-tier solutions
Integrating specialized business applications with your ERP system
Extending connectivity and productivity with integrated mobile solutions
Using social tools to track and collaborate with customers, contractors, and co-workers

Part 3: Benefits
Employing agility to bring new products and services to market
Controlling costs and improving profitability
Seizing opportunities and market advantages to surpass competitor

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