Isn’t it time to consider legitimate collaboration?


If you are using spreadsheets for your entire creative cycle – it may be costing you more than you realize.

Our short report "10 things you should know about the hidden costs of spreadsheets" is a must read report for anyone caught up in the spreadsheet shuffle. We provide 10 concise considerations to help you better understand the impact spreadsheets may be having on your business.

From initial sketch through eventual replenishment of retailer inventory, many fashion manufacturers rely on spreadsheets like MS ExcelTM to manage the entire creative cycle, and much of the production and distribution cycle as well. While seemingly convenient, spreadsheets are far from perfect. They’re impossible to track, prone to errors and inconsistencies, and don’t allow for legitimate collaboration.

In this report we’ll take you through what the downside of relying on spreadsheets is and how you can move beyond the limitations they present. This is a must read report so grab it while you can.

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