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Key message: Invest in technology today while interest rates remain low

You need to find ways to remain relevant in a hyper-competitive market. One of the most powerful investments you can make is in harnessing transformative technologies that are currently available.  In this 60-minute MDM webcast, The Path to Profitability, Alan Beaulieu, president of ITR Economics, addressed the current economic factors that are impacting distributors including: 

  • Interest rates and inflation
  • Value of investing today
  • Moving cost of inventory
  • Regional influences
  • Integrated supply
  • Manufacturing trends

Beaulieu also mentioned that the current economic conditions combined with low interest rates have created the perfect climate for distributors to invest in their businesses. Special guest speakers, Mike DeVoney, President of Integrated Supply and Pete Billson, Corporate Technology Director at Turtle & Hughes shared how their commitment to innovation has allowed them to gain competitive advantages.

 View the on-demand webcast to find out how why it’s important to invest in your future today.

View the on-demand webcast
View the on-demand webcast

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