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Infor 10x delivers major enhancements across all of Infor's product lines and gives you access to innovative, forward-thinking technologies that can change the way you work. Use the resources below to learn more.

Infor 10x
Solution Brochure Release Highlights

Infor 10x Solution Enhancements
Infor Approva    Infor M3   
Infor Distribution SX.e    Infor Optiva   
Infor EAM    Infor PLM Discrete   
Infor Enterprise Performance Management    Infor SunSystems   
Infor Epiphany    Infor Supply Chain Execution   
Infor Expense Management    Infor System 21   
Infor HCM    Infor SyteLine   
(S3) Infor Lawson Financials    Infor VISUAL   
Infor LN    Infor XA   
Infor LX   

Infor 10x Technology Brochures White Papers/eBooks Videos
Infor 10x    
Infor Analytics      
Infor CloudSuite      
Infor ION      
Infor Ming.le™      
Infor Mongoose