Analyst Validation

Research from prominent industry analysts is abuzz with talk of Infor 10x technology, easily available through our UpgradeX program. Read a sampling of expert opinions below.

"The ION and Infor Ming.le front-end add-ons provide unparalleled long-term flexibility and ease of use."

— Info-Tech Research Group Research, Vendor Landscape: Mid- market ERP, 2014

"Infor has in my opinion the most advanced architecture for cloud I've seen among large #EnSw [enterprise software] vendors."

thinkJar, "Infor, The Teenager," Esteban Kolsky, April 22, 2014

"Constellation recommends that:

R "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO, Constellation Research, Inc.

"In addressing the technology shifts, particularly around mobile, social and cloud, Infor made several relevant announcements. From a mobile perspective it is taking a device agnostic approach by using HTML5 to provide mobile 'anywhere'. Infor's social product is called Ming.le and follows the concept of providing social capabilities inside the enterprise workflow by embedding the ESN into the apps. This is key for getting broad adoption and IMO, the most effective long term strategy."

Michael Fauscette, "Recasting 'Traditional' Enterprise Software," April 30, 2013

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