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Employee-initiated expenses can account for a surprisingly large percentage of total corporate spending. It's more important than ever to track, analyze, and control these expenditures.

You can get more information sooner, close your books faster, and enforce your policies promptly and consistently with Infor Expense Management. It's simple to learn, use, and maintain. This integrated application makes it easy to plan and expense business travel, request and approve payments, charge time to projects and cost centers, and calculate paid time off and overtime.  The result is complete control over employee-initiated spending.

Take a look at these demos, videos, white papers, and customer stories to learn how you can reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of employee-initiated expenses.


  • Infor Expense Management Demo
  • FSN visits Infor to discuss the challenge of employee expense management
  • FSN discusses the positioning of Infor Expense Management
  • FSN discusses the benefits of Infor Expense Management

White Papers

  • Ten Questions Other Expense Management Software Vendors Do Not Want You to Ask
  • Infor Expense Management Timesheets
  • The Four Levels of Effective Expense Management
  • Expense Management for a New Decade

Customer Stories

  • Astra Zeneca: AstraZeneca deployed Infor Expense Management and saw dramatic results in outstanding expense reports and receipts over 45 days old.
  • London Business School: After implementing Infor Expense Management in less than a month, employees are now able to submit their expense claims anywhere, with system access on a PDA or a PC, which expedites processing time by 70%.
  • Raymond James: Infor Expense Management helped Raymond James Financial cut their expense reporting and reimbursement cycle by 50%, which has allowed business expansion without increasing processing costs.
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