The Infor VISUAL Manufacturing modules encompass all aspects of production planning, execution and manufacturing control functions. Infor VISUAL manufacturing allows you to automate and control production planning and execution, material planning and procurement, quality management and equipment maintenance, and shop floor control, with advanced tools that accommodate your style of manufacturing whether you use lean or traditional manufacturing techniques. The Infor VISUAL manufacturing modules have become known for providing innovative, execution-focused solutions that have significantly enhanced the operational performance of companies in a host of discrete manufacturing industries. As an innovator in the development of the manufacturing window card metaphor, for example, Infor VISUAL has allowed manufacturers to visually manage their operations for the first time. The patented Concurrent Scheduler revolutionized the way manufacturers generated their shop schedules, ensuring the most efficient use of materials, resources and information. Infor VISUAL provides a variety of production scheduling methods all within the same system, including Finite Capacity Scheduling (FCS), Infinite Scheduling, and Lean (Drum Buffer Rope) Scheduling. Whether make-to-order, make-to-stock, repetitive, or multi-mode, Infor VISUAL offers unrivaled support for virtually any manufacturing style.

The Manufacturing Window® is the master engineering and production management tool within Infor VISUAL. The full-color, graphical interface allows you to create an engineering plan or Bill of Material (BOM) quickly and easily, and then use the design to automatically create a quote and/or work order. The display and reporting features of the Manufacturing Window provide a comprehensive view of the materials and operations involved in the engineering process. The Manufacturing Window integrates seamlessly with the material planning, purchasing, and scheduling tools within Infor VISUAL to provide the ultimate control over inventory, costs, and resources. Comprehensive tracking tools offer complete as-planned and as-built data from the highest level of summarization to the lowest level of detail for each individual transaction for accuracy in your cost roll-ups. While Infor VISUAL continues to support traditional techniques such as MPS and MRP, it's clear that today's increasingly competitive marketplace is causing the majority of manufacturers to focus on the principles of lean manufacturing in an effort to reduce inventory levels, cut lead times, improve on-time delivery performance, and increase productivity and profitability.

Lean Manufacturing: Theory of Constraints
and the Drum-Buffer-Rope Techniques

Infor VISUAL Lean Scheduling provides the ability to create production schedules based on the Theory of Constraints and the Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) techniques. The result is the virtual elimination of the adverse effects of Murphy's Law disruptions, and the facilitation of a lean, productive operation. In today's manufacturing environment, companies are under extreme pressure to provide quality products at competitive prices, and to deliver them faster than their competition can.



VISUAL Success Infor VISUAL customers are streamlining business processes, increasing efficiencies, and improving profitability.

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Infor VISUAL's 20th Anniversary Infor executives review the history (and future) of Infor VISUAL, which was built from the ground-up to be a visually-oriented product, currently has over 2,400 manufacturing and distribution customers that span the globe, and plans for ongoing investment with a focus on micro-verticals and high quality user experience.

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Infor VISUAL Order-driven manufacturing is complex enough—you don't want to guess every time you quote a price on a job or estimate a delivery date. You need to see, at a glance, the impact of every order, constraint, and bottleneck in your organization, so that you can manufacture at a level of speed and efficiency that makes the best use of the resources that you have.

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