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The Infor VISUAL Back Office modules provide an enterprise-wide solution for your accounting, cost accounting, payroll, human resource, and time and attendance needs. The Infor VISUAL Financials modules help you to compete in the global marketplace by offering multi-currency, multi-national capabilities and handling consolidation of multi-entity chart of accounts between subsidiaries as well as differing system currencies.  You can automatically create vouchers, generate invoices and credit memos, write checks on-the-fly, create customized reports, and post to journals.

Within the Infor VISUAL Financials suite, the accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and cash management modules are fully integrated with the rest of the Infor VISUAL system and allow the seamless transfer of information throughout the organization. This ensures information is accurate and current, and eliminates the need for repetitive data entry. Each of the Infor VISUAL Financial modules is a fully functional system within itself – together they comprise a powerful set of tools for addressing the total accounting needs of your business.  

Additionally, the back office software suite includes Payroll, HR, and Time and Attendance functionality. Infor VISUAL Human Resources provides you with a comprehensive data management and reporting tool that helps track applicants and employees. Infor VISUAL Payroll supports all US federal and state taxes, and includes state-of-the-art functionality such as direct deposit, 401(k) plans, electronic tax payments using EFTPS, magnetic media tax filing, as well as sophisticated report sorting and timing features.

With the Infor VISUAL Time & Attendance module you can track employee attendance, manual time sheets, and manufacturing labor. You can easily configure each data collection station to accept any or all types of tracked labor based transactions. User-definable compensation rules allow for flexible work cycle and pay calendar definitions, multi-level premium rules, and shift differentials, among others. Infor VISUAL Time & Attendance fully supports both piecework and incentive pay. And, Time & Attendance uses the compensation rules when calculating earnings, and exports the data to Infor VISUAL Payroll or other third-party payroll processors. Track the employee information you want to track; hourly workers, pieceworkers, and both exempt and non-exempt salaried employees. For salaried employees, you can generate a time sheet log, as an option to the Infor VISUAL Time & Attendance's standard clocking functionality.



VISUAL Success Infor VISUAL customers are streamlining business processes, increasing efficiencies, and improving profitability.

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Infor VISUAL's 20th Anniversary Infor executives review the history (and future) of Infor VISUAL, which was built from the ground-up to be a visually-oriented product, currently has over 2,400 manufacturing and distribution customers that span the globe, and plans for ongoing investment with a focus on micro-verticals and high quality user experience.

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Infor VISUAL Order-driven manufacturing is complex enough—you don't want to guess every time you quote a price on a job or estimate a delivery date. You need to see, at a glance, the impact of every order, constraint, and bottleneck in your organization, so that you can manufacture at a level of speed and efficiency that makes the best use of the resources that you have.

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