Customer Upgrade Initiative

Infor is committed to providing you with upgrade options that offer both choice and value, allowing you to get to the latest release of your solution quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal business disruption. Upgrade options include:

  • Upgrade to 10x on premise – Many Infor customers are eligible to upgrade to the latest release of their solution as part of an Infor Support agreement. You'll benefit from the deeper functionality and beautiful new user experience that your latest release provides, while also making it easier for your business to take advantage of complementary applications and innovative 10x technologies. 
  • UpgradeX – Cloud deployment offers a host of benefits, such as lower total cost of ownership, greater flexibility, and the convenience of outsourcing maintenance, support, and upgrades for your hardware and software. The Infor team is ready to help you put these benefits to work for your business, and you have a multitude of options.
  • Industry business platforms – Infor offers industry business platforms, delivered in the cloud, that are designed to simplify your company's technology platform and minimize customizations. Built specifically to address unique industry challenges, these solutions give you the complex functionality you need while also providing the flexibility to adapt as your business changes and grows. Industry business platforms are currently available for Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Industrial Manufacturing.
  • Horizontal business platforms – Infor also offers cloud-based horizontal platforms designed to help you drive key areas of your business, while offering low total cost of ownership and a dramatically simplified IT landscape. These solutions cover areas such as financial and supply management, human capital management, enterprise asset management, and customer experience management

The key word for Infor's upgrade initiative is flexibility. There are many options for updating your technology, whether on-premise, in the cloud, or some combination of both. The choice is yours, and the Infor team is ready to support whatever path is best for your business.

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Infor 10x Discovery Guide


Get an in-depth look at the Infor 10x release, including new and planned functionality, upgrade paths, and more. Download the Infor 10x Discovery Guide.