Staying profitable in an
omni-channel world

Seven ways to track profitability and reduce markdowns


Reduce markdowns, create new styles, and meet consumers where they shop

Consumers have moved beyond the walls of brick and mortar retail stores. Today, consumers want a greater variety of products delivered through a greater variety of channels, over a greater number of devices from smart phones, to kiosks, tablets, computers and more.

But many of today’s supply chains—from manufacturing to retail—aren’t built to keep up with this consumer-driven demand for speed and convenience. This can cause "higher out-of-stocks and markdowns in any given channel, especially during peak seasons," notes a McKinsey report.1

In this eBook, we’ll present seven ways you can track your profitability across your brands, collections, styles, and SKUs—and develop a better omni-channel strategy.

That way, you can add new products without facing the profit dilutions that can result from costly unplanned markdowns.

1 McKinsey & Company, “The future of retail supply chains,” 2013, pg. 61.

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