Whitepaper: Reduce program coding and accelerate development time

Easily design and develop new software applications and enhancements

Infor™ Mongoose is an application development framework that lets you easily design and deploy software applications. Whether you are an ISV building applications for resale, looking to maximize your IT resources for in-house application development, or even hoping to quickly build an application in the cloud for your own use, Mongoose provides a matchless set of features. Because it requires no knowledge of complex source codes or programming languages, you’ll be able to create new software applications or build enhancements to existing core systems in a fraction of the time and with far less effort than is required with traditional development approaches.

Download this technical paper to learn what powers this innovative application and how it can reduce your reliance on third-party developers, empower you to adapt software systems as needed to meet changing goals, and open up the possibility of new revenue streams for your business.

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