Metal Fabrication Industry

Acting as extensions of their customers' engineering and manufacturing operations, fabricators must provide flexible capacity, continuous replenishment, collaborative designs and the ability to vertically integrate sourcing on a global basis. It's imperative for fabricated metal manufacturers to strengthen customer service by creating a feeling of seamless extension with customers. To accomplish this across departments and among business partners, integrated processes and systems complement the manual workflows from design and product lifecycle management to after-sales service and customer relationship management.

Successful metal fabricators are close to their customers - designing the most effective manufacturing processes; meeting quantity, tolerance and material specifications; providing a full range of services from design to delivery. Many also profit from offering total outsourced management to service level agreements. Infor SyteLine integrates global sales, development, production, fulfillment and service management processes, and delivers bottom-line results.

Infor SyteLine integrated applications promote standards in day-to-day operating procedures, provide alerts when problems occur, and minimize the errors common to manual processes. This ERP software enables fabricators to take full advantage of business improvement opportunities like Internet-based sourcing, centralized procurement spending, capacity planning, and fulfillment visibility to realize bottom-line benefits: cost reductions and increased operational efficiencies.

ERP Software Solution for Metal Fabrication Industry

Of particular interest to metal fabricators:

Infor SyteLine can manage many different types of manufacturing modes and processes-including Six Sigma and lean flow techniques-giving you greater control from start to finish.



Infor SyteLine SyteLine financial consolidation saves time for manufacturer.

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Infor SyteLine Infor SyteLine demo.

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Brochure - Infor SyteLine What if you could deliver on time, every time? Every day, you race against time. Competition is fierce, so you need to get to market quicker and do a better job of matching up supply with demand. And no matter how complex your supply chain is, you need to respond faster to change, reduce excess inventory, and cut costs.

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