Control Instruments & Fixtures

Control instrument and fixture manufacturers face unique challenges. Rapid advances in the technology field fuel constant demand for sophisticated new products, which can generate high product development costs. In turn, customers demand that the products are of the highest quality, dependability and ease of serviceability, with no room for failure. Finally, strong competition from innovative global market competitors can reduce or erase profit margins.

By establishing and nurturing relationships with their customers, suppliers and partners, control instrument and fixture manufacturers can quickly and efficiently develop highly sophisticated products and implement quality management practices to ensure products are defect-free and readily serviceable. Infor SyteLine synchronizes multi-entity operational processes to rapidly respond to changing customer and market expectations, meet requirements to produce and deliver highly sophisticated products, and satisfy market accuracy and reliability expectations.

Successful manufacturers have the ability to bring innovative products to market AND can ramp up production to meet demand at a minimum cost. Successful manufacturers also excel at the demand side of the equation - winning market share requires a strong sales channel to grow product momentum in the marketplace. Control instrument manufacturers must be able to leverage a variety of sales channels, selling finished goods or key components directly to OEMs as well as utilizing complex networks of distributors and partners to sell their products around the world.

ERP Solution for Control Instrument & Fixture Manufacturers

Of particular interest to control instrument and fixture manufacturers:

Leveraging user-friendly technology to automate manual processes cuts costs, improve accuracy and free resource time to be dedicated to tasks that add the greatest value. Successful control instrument manufacturers have the advantage of combining increased revenues with efficient operations to exceed customer expectations and deliver increased profitability and shareholder value.



Infor SyteLine SyteLine financial consolidation saves time for manufacturer.

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Brochure - Infor SyteLine What if you could deliver on time, every time? Every day, you race against time. Competition is fierce, so you need to get to market quicker and do a better job of matching up supply with demand. And no matter how complex your supply chain is, you need to respond faster to change, reduce excess inventory, and cut costs.

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