High-Tech and Electronics Industry

High Tech and Electronics manufacturers are under constant pressure to introduce innovative products that are more appealing, reliable and inexpensive. The pace is relentless and requires effective cross-functional and cross-entity communication to get it right. The challenge is exacerbated by short product lifecycles, long procurement lead-times, indirect channels and complex supply chain networks. More and more companies are outsourcing much of the manufacturing processes; effective collaboration is a requirement. Both OEMs and contractors must rely on standard processes and technology solutions that integrate information on a global scale to maintain control.

Infor SyteLine solutions help manufacturers get their products to market quicker and more efficiently, manage outsourcing operations to reduce costs, and facilitate effective customer and channel communications through product data management, design for manufacturability, strategic sourcing, global planning, online supplier interchange, process workflow and cross-entity visibility, all providing high responsiveness and efficient fulfillment practices.

Infor SyteLine can handle to-order and lean plant initiatives, standardize global processes, synchronize multi-entity operations, provide cross-entity visibility, and monitor performance across organizations. Infor SyteLine is a fully integrated engineering, production and supply chain solution designed to facilitate rapid product transfer and production volume ramp up. It helps manufacturers get their products to the market quicker and more efficiently, manage outsourcing operations to reduce costs, and facilitate effective customer and channel communication.

Of particular interest to High Tech and Electronics manufacturers:

Infor SyteLine is the right solution for high tech and electronics manufacturers with leading-edge enterprise functionality on a flexible, dynamic platform with a built-in ability to customize functions and formats to enhance user productivity and confidence.



Infor SyteLine SyteLine financial consolidation saves time for manufacturer.

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Infor SyteLine Infor SyteLine demo.

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Brochure - Infor SyteLine What if you could deliver on time, every time? Every day, you race against time. Competition is fierce, so you need to get to market quicker and do a better job of matching up supply with demand. And no matter how complex your supply chain is, you need to respond faster to change, reduce excess inventory, and cut costs.

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