The Payoffs of a
Single View

Stay relevant and effective for all customer-facing activities - Best practices from global companies

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For years, "a single view of the customer" has been a misunderstood phrase and strategy. It does not mean developing a database. It does not speak to data mining. It is more complex and much more effective when done right.

Simply put, a single view of your customer is the best way to stay relevant and effective for all customer-facing activities.

In the current business landscape, traditional one-way marketing and the costs associated with it are being questioned. Yet customers are continually barraged with marketing messages and loyalty programs aimed at short-term relationships from competitors or with irrelevant messages from companies with which they currently do business. Profits and long-term enterprise health are at stake with every effort to attain, attract, or grow customers. Developing a single view of the customer is a well-worn customer strategy solution whose importance has magnified time and technology improvements.

White Paper highlights

Discover the strategies that several companies have successfully applied to achieve a single customer view vision and the technology used to enable it. Hear how these global companies: Bell Canada, Turkcell, Essilor and Interval International have implemented best practices to overcome the following challenges:

  • Unifying disparate databases in the wake of mergers and acquisitions
  • Measuring changing customer needs to communicate the most relevant offer for retention, acquisition, and overall increases in customer value
  • Retaining customers in the face of new competitors by embracing new technologies

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