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Drive warehouse efficiency to create value across your entire demand and supply chain

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Infor's advanced Warehouse Management solution offers best-of-breed methodology and tools for managing the movement of goods both inside and outside the organization. This powerful solution helps managers to be more proactive with a proven approach to warehouse management that increases operational efficiency and accuracy through system-directed activity, performance management, detailed audit trails, and accountability.

Drive operational efficiency inside the warehouse

An agile, flexible solution with built-in personalization features, Warehouse Management offers core functionality to boost productivity in your internal warehousing operations:

  • Automate and accelerate receiving processes
  • Automatically store material in the best location
  • Use cross-docking to increase speed and optimize space and staff
  • Gain operational efficiency and control through wave planning
  • Use system-directed or assisted packing to support user-configurable container types
  • Monitor shipments from the moment they reach the dock door
  • Use cycle counting to maintain an accurate portrait of your inventory levels
  • Support RF and voice-directed operation
  • Perform light manufacturing and assembly to deliver value-added services
  • Optimize warehouse resources using task management
  • Schedule and monitor direct and indirect labor productivity

Extend efficiency outside the warehouse

To create value across the supply chain, Warehouse Management works with other Infor SCM solutions — including Corporate Performance Management, Event Management, Activity-based Billing and Costing, Yard Management, and Transportation and Logistics — to improve visibility, responsiveness, and performance across the supply chain.

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