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Making omni-channel fulfillment more profitable

Learn where leaders in e-commerce place their priorities

In an environment where shoppers expect to order from anywhere, fulfill from anywhere and return to anywhere, successful e-commerce retailers are enhancing communications right across the supply chain.

In this recent study by the Aberdeen group, you'll see how top performing companies are increasing performance through their commitment to:

  • enhancing customer and event-driven optimization
  • promoting warehouse and transport visibility
  • closing the gap between planning and execution
  • focusing on cloud mobility

Read about automated capabilities that boost efficiency and profitability.

Download the Aberdeen Report: Profitable Supply Chain Executions.

You'll also learn how leaders are able to achieve:

  • 95.4% complete and on time orders to clients
  • 94.6% complete and on time orders from suppliers
  • - 0.5% decrease in total landed costs in the past year
  • - 7.5% decrease in out-of-stock inventory in the past year
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