Innovation in Third Party Logistics

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Innovation in 3PL - A competitive imperative

In a connected world, change occurs at the speed of the Internet. The majority of people and companies, however, don’t really like change. Nowhere is that more evident than in the Third Party Logistics services market. However, you can’t stop change. It’s an unstoppable force and you are an easily movable object.

Read this white paper, researched and written by Richard Sherman, to learn how 3PLs are consistently improving and innovating their processes to create value and attract and retain customers, as well as answer questions such as:

  • What external forces drive innovation?
  • How does supply chain transformation drive 3PL Innovation and opportunity?
  • How can 3PLs leverage the Smart Supply Network 3.0 to innovate and create value?

3PLs must innovate processes and technology to provide customers with seamless visibility and real time information to leverage consolidated capacity and optimize the flow of goods. Download the white paper to learn how to transform your supply chain networks rapidly to achieve unprecedented levels of agility and responsiveness while reducing costs.

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