Faster Supply Chain Optimization for Food & Beverage Companies

Improve profits with end-to-end supply chain optimization with Infor Supply Chain Solutions

For Food & Beverage companies, business is always a race. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to introduce new products more quickly to meet changing customer tastes;  manage your formulations, specifications and labels in order to meet constantly changing regulations, and optimize your supply chain to develop the agility you need to meet fluctuations in supply and demand in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

Infor solutions are designed to help you manage the complexities of your supply chain - from harvesting of raw materials to the production chain and delivering your final products to the customer.

Infor enables you to:

  • Optimize your supply chain from strategic planning and forecasting to production scheduling, while meeting all constraints including shelf life, production capacity, cost and inventory
  • Deliver the perfect order every time on time and in full by improving efficiency across all crucial logistics operations
  • Improve customer satisfaction and product quality with Direct Store Delivery
  • Manage the complexities of tank scheduling , fresh food planning and short shelf life
  • Ensure compliance with current and pending regulations from FSMA to serialisation

Industry-specific capabilities built in, a new consumer grade user experience and pervasive analytics enable you to optimize your end-to-end supply chain, from product development through to strategic planning, production and delivery. You’ll be able to increase the speed to market, respond faster to changes in customer demand resulting in minimized waste, increased customer satisfaction and improved bottom line.

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