Digital Supply Chain podcast series

An audio advice guide from Tata Consultancy Services and Infor

The Digital Supply Chain podcast series explores the trends affecting your supply chain and offers actionable advice for empowering your organization in the current network-centric business environment. Host, author, and Tata analyst Richard Sherman is joined in this three-part series by fellow analysts and Infor experts who offer real-world examples of business transformation and tips for overcoming challenges.

Episode 1: Cloud and the Industrial Internet

This podcast series kicks off with a discussion between two SCM heavy-hitters, host Richard Sherman and John Bermudez, former AMR Research VP and current head of product management at GT Nexus, an Infor company. The two supply chain vets and former colleagues explore the changes since the Supply Chain Council was founded 20 years ago and the incredible effects of new technologies on even the largest business institutions.

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