What are the key factors for B2B eCommerce Success?

Why does B2B eCommerce sometimes fail?


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Are you wondering how to take advantage of the B2B, omni-channel engagement opportunity? At Infor we believe we have the solution with Infor RhythmTM which is the next level of B2B eCommerce that offers a superior user experience; a richness of contextual content; and a new means of growing customer loyalty and intimacy.

To help provide you with education on B2B eCommerce we’d first of all like to invite you to download our free white paper “The Reinvention of B2B eCommerce”.

Online sales and marketing is one of the most important channels you have for connecting with customers; and the advent of omni-channel buying, or the process of using a wide range of devices to research for and purchase goods is changing the dynamics of customer relationships. Consider what it would take to deliver an integrated, intelligent approach to effectively engage with a new breed of ultra-informed buyers.

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Discover how to take advantage of the omni-channel eCommerce opportunity and start building your strategy today. You’ll learn about:

  • The impact of omni-channel interaction on B2B customer relationships
  • Common obstacles to success and how companies are overcoming them
  • Technology solutions that can simplify and accelerate omni-channel adoption
  • Five key factors to consider when building a B2B omni-channel strategy

Taking advantage of an eCommerce opportunity will require more than simply revamping dated storefronts and overhauling shopping-cart only sites. Only by building rich, meaningful, and integrated customer experiences can you open up new avenues for generating revenue and increasing customer loyalty. Download the white paper today to help put your business on the road to omni-channel eCommerce success.

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