IDC Technology Spotlight

The Artful Science of Personalization:
Intimacy at Scale

What does it take to deliver consumer intimacy at scale?

Retailers are pursuing every avenue to engage consumers, and while much has been said about customer-centric retailing and intimacy, most struggle to accomplish either at scale.

The complexity occurs not only in delivering what the consumer wants, but doing so efficiently and cost-effectively across every channel, both physical and online.

According to IDC Retail Insights, a leading retail technology research firm, "the core metrics of customer intimacy at scale are profitable loyalty, inventory productivity, omnichannel customer empowerment, and efficient operational excellence."

Find out how to achieve these goals in a digitally transformed retail ecosystem by reading the IDC Technology Spotlight report, "The Artful Science of Personalization: Intimacy at Scale."

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IDC Technology Spotlight, Aug 2016
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