Reducing the Risks in Product Life Cycle Management Part 3

Reducing Risk and Accelerating Cycle Times with Collaborative Co-packer and Compliance Processes

See how Use of Cloud based collaborative Production Partner business processes can integrate production partners into closed loop processes. You can have production partners have viewed the current specification.

  • Simplify R&D processes to develop a specification vs complete development and compliance
  • Send out requests with specifications and product partner approvals.
  • Visibility into which specifications have be viewed
  • Production partners can enter test results/COAs and material usage and to ensure quality and compliance
  • Significantly reduce non value data entry tasks
  • Immediate access to up to date and accurate information and documents reduces time to market or the risk of missing dates

Additionally, Production Partner collaboration can manage collection and automated recertification of documents and certificate management. With automated meta data management, users can always find the current document or data which improves quality, compliance, eliminates most audit prep tasks and risk of customer audit issues.

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