Removing the barriers to state-of-the-art ERP

Now Infor customers can easily advance to the latest IBM Power Systems technology.


Introducing PowerFlex10

If you've been putting off an upgrade to IBM Power Systems because you don't want to face the disruption of having to change your ERP software, worry no more. Infor and IBM have joined forces to offer our customers an integrated and optimized combination of software, hardware, and services that can help you thrive no matter how quickly you want to change-PowerFlex10.

The Infor System i ERP Suite helps manufacturers optimize inventory levels, increase productivity, and improve profitability. These applications include:

  • Infor LX
  • Infor XA
  • Infor System21
  • Infor KBM
  • Infor PRISM
  • Infor PRMS

How much can PowerFlex10 mean to you?

PowerFlex10 is designed to help manufacturers leverage their IT infrastructure to improve efficiencies and promote growth. As the world's largest software provider for the IBM i operating system, Infor is uniquely suited to bring you the most comprehensive manufacturing applications on the most reliable, cost-effective IBM Power Systems infrastructure. Our PowerFlex10 program offers Infor ERP applications, IBM's Power platform, services and special promotional pricing.

With PowerFlex10, you can:

  • Save Money-Promotional pricing and 0% financing are available
  • Save Time-Included services to speed implementation
  • Minimize Risk-Pre-tested IBM integration, optimized for POWER7

This special offer allows you to improve efficiencies and promote growth immediately, with POWER7 support for your current Infor System i ERP, no upgrade required. Special offers from IBM include trade-in discounts, maintenance rebates, and credits for license transfers. And when you're ready to upgrade your Infor System i solution, you'll get a complete package that includes our latest Infor Suite with next-generation technology.

The benefits are substantial, and the time is limited. Complete the form to the right to download more PowerFlex10 information, or contact us at 800-260-2640 or